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Group Travel
When civic groups, school groups, and church groups head off on trips around the country or around the world, they often need many of the same travel accessories. We have pulled together some of the most popular of these accessories into this one group to make it easier.

Have questions? Need advice? Please call us at 513-791-4021 and ask for Bill. We will walk you through everything you need to know, make suggestions and recommendations, and do everything we can to make your trip successful and safe.

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Voltage Valet PBC-1 Adapter Plug for Continental Europe Add-A-Bag Strap, LC Industries 180 Woolite Travel Laundry Soap packets
Add-A-Bag Strap
PRICE: $5.95
Non-grounded Adapter Plug for use in Continental Europe luggage strap Woolite packets
RFID Credit Card shields RFID Passport Shield E105 Lewis N. Clark Adapter plug for Great Britain
RFID credit card protectors RFID passport protector Nongrounded adapter plug for use in most electric outlets in England, Scotland, Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Lewis N. Clark Laundry Line 754 latex clothesline 1.25 ounce GoToob travel bottle Lewis N. Clark VG12 grounded adaptor plug for Continental Europe
latex clothesline Squeezable liquid travel tube VG12 Grounded Adaptor Plug-–Continental Europe
Lewis N. Clark VG10 Grounded Adaptor Plug – Great Britain/Africa VG7 Grounded Adapter Plug for Italy Large GoTubb 3-Pack
Grounded Adaptor Plug--Great Britain/Africa
Grounded Adaptor Plug--Italy Large GoTubb 3-Pack
2 ounce GoToob travel bottle 3 ounce GoToob travel bottle LCI 169 Shoe Cover Pair
Squeezable liquid travel tube Squeezable liquid travel tube Shoe Bags
Eagle Creek 41196 Pack-It Half-Cube Eagle Creek 41059 Pack-It Cube Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Stash
Eagle Creek Pack-It Half-Cube Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Neck pouch
Lewis N. Clark RFID Waist Stash LCI 1268 Travelon Set of 7 Packing Envelopes GoToob 3 Pack
Travel waist pouch set of packing pouches
GoToob 3 Pack
Eagle Creek 40119 Pack-It Compression Set Eagle Creek 41189 Medium Pack-It Folder GoToob 3 Pack 3-ounce bottles
Compression Bag Set Eagle Creek 41068 Pack-It 15 GoToob 3 pack
Eagle Creek 41069 Pack-It 18 Packing Folder Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Pillow Pacsafe Venturesafe 15L Backpack PA035BK
Eagle Creek 18 inch Packing Folder Travel Pillow Anti-theft Backpack
Pacsafe Venturesafe, 60300, 25L Backpack PA035BK
Anti-theft Backpack